July 14, 2015

Tips for Toasting to the Bride & Groom

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Wedding Toasts

As the new husband and wife are seated, the lights are dimmed and the music softened. Everyone has enjoyed the cocktail hour and is sitting down to eat, their champagne glasses full. The room is buzzing with excitement and love. The best man stands with a microphone in hand and toasts to the bride & groom. He speaks of their pasts, their personalities, and their future together. As all the guests lifts their glasses, well wishes are spread throughout the room for the bride & groom!

Its words that can bring people to tears, or even convey a lifetime of experiences; the wedding toasts of a Best Man, Maid of Honor and family members are such an important and meaningful part of the wedding day! Time and time again, I have the pleasure of hearing the best toasts during weddings, some of which bring everyone, including myself, to tears. Below are 5 tips for making that perfect toast and to look great while doing it!

Stand up next to the Bride & Groom

Typically, the Bride & Groom have the best seats in the house and all of the guests have a great view of them. When giving the toast, a great place to stand is next to the head table so that the Bride, Groom and the guests will be able to see you.

Practice your speech!

My high school band teacher always said, ‘proper practice makes for a proper performance’ and this couldn’t ring truer for toasts. When you can deliver a memorable toast without saying any filler words, everyone will be impressed! So try to script your toasts before and give yourself time to practice. If needed, a few typed or cleanly written note cards will always help stay on track.

Speak clearly and keep it short

Reception rooms can be large and because of that, it may be difficult for the guests to understand you. Make sure to speak clearly during your toast, so you can deliver a perfect message with everyone hearing it! Keeping a toast short and to the point is another way to honor the Bride & Groom! 

Keep some area in your toast for improvisation!

It is amazing what you can think of after being around close friends and family for an entire day. Often times, this may bring back a special memory or two that you might want to touch on in your toast to give it a little extra personal touch! So when writing that perfect toast, make sure to leave a bit of room to ad-lib.

Remember your toasting glass!

After delivering a great toast, you’ll want to have a glass to toast with! So when standing up to walk over to the bride and groom, make sure to grab your champagne flute or drinking glass. When speaking, if you need to set down the glass, there is always room on the bride & groom table.

Toasts can make everyone laugh or cry, and sometimes both. The bride and groom chose you to stand by them and help celebrate their marriage. Be sincere, speak from the heart and you’ll be set!

Much Love Drew

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